Frequently heralded as one of the best places to live in the UK, Bristol is a cool, quirky and vibrant city, enveloped by the green hills of the South West. 

Its unmistakable and unique identity has been carved out and curated by a fascinating history and a passionate collection of residents. With origins dating back to medieval times, Bristol is brimming with history, intrigue and character; our streets are lined with glorious period architecture, our harbourside brimming with vestiges of a notable maritime era and our green spaces filled with ancient woodlands juxtaposed with Victorian feats of engineering and crumbling ruins.

Although points of Bristol’s illustrious narrative have been rightly impugned, we are thankfully now more renowned as one of the friendliest, culturally inclusive and diverse cities. Our independence and individuality are something of which we are fiercely proud and passionately guard. Sculpted from our centuries-old heritage and irrepressible creativity, it can be seen everywhere you look; from our food and drink scene where you can feast on anything from delectable street food to mouth-watering Michelin Starred creations and artisanal inebriants; our exciting arts and music scene in which you can immerse yourself in world-class theatrical productions, exhibitions and street art, or follow the sound of live music into cobbled streets; to the palpable community spirit Bristol exudes with its animated events, and lively carnivals and festivals.

Even our transport is rather distinctive; not many cities invite you to navigate your way around via bike, boat, paddleboard and even hot air balloon. Our inimitable character is often described as off-beat and quirky, yet elegant and refined; a wonderful amalgamation of charisma and charm.

Bristol certainly knows how to captivate and inspire, and once you have decided to make Bristol a place to live, it quickly feels like home.


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